HistoryDriversKottkes’ Bus Service, Inc.

Established 1947

Kottkes’ Bus Service began in 1947, when a man named George Kottke was doing a milk route in Champlin, and was told of the need for a school bus route in the area. He purchased a bus and began transporting students, in the hours he wasn’t doing his milk route.

George married Gladys Quackenbush in 1948, and since she wanted to drive a bus also, he gave up the milk route and bought another bus. Gladys Kottke went on to become Anoka’s first recipient for “Businesswomen of the Year” and also received the award several other times during her career.

In the fall of 1951, Champlin School District # 220, consolidated with the Anoka district to become Anoka-Hennepin Independent District # 11. The Kottkes’ family expanded their fleet to consist of 21 school buses.

On December 20,1961, Kottkes’ Bus Service, became incorporated. The fleet size had grown to 49 buses and they employed 70.

Kottkes’ Bus Service Inc. has been under contract with the Anoka-Hennepin Independent School District #11 to transport students since 1947. In that period of time, Kottkes’ has grown from 1 bus to a fleet of nearly 200 vehicles, and employing one person to a work force of over 215 people.