Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. My child did not get off the bus. What do I do?

A: Remain calm. Sometimes children sleep (or talk) through their bus stop. If your child is still on the bus, it is much safer for the student to remain on the bus. If the student fell asleep, all of our drivers are required to check the buses after each and every school throughout the day to check for sleeping children and lost items. If the student fell asleep the driver will take the student back to their bus stop. Steps you can take: -Check with the other kids who got off at the stop to see if they have relevant information -Was your child scheduled for an after school activity? -Did your child possibly go home with a friend? If these steps don’t locate your child, call the school office and report what happened. School staff will ask you some basic questions to zero in on the situation. From this point the school will take lead to locate your child. They will check with teachers, after school staff, the bus company, and the transportation department and will get back to you. Make sure someone is at home in case your child returns.

Q. Do the same rules apply at the bus stop as on the bus?

A: Yes. The bus stop is an extension of the bus and the same rules apply. Click here for a copy of the Anoka Hennepin School District Transportation policy.

Q: What if my bus is late?

A: If there is bad weather, please wait 10-15 minutes beyond your regular pick up time before contacting us. Please allow for this additional time due to weather and traffic conditions. If the weather is clear the bus may be running late due to traffic, new routing, or mechanical issues. You may call us at 763-755-3100 and push option 1 to reach dispatch.

Q: What are the bus rules?

A: Please help encourage safety while riding the bus and review the rules with your son or daughter periodically. Click here for a PDF format of the School Bus Safety Rules.

Q: Can the bus driver assign seats?

A: Yes. The bus driver is authorized to assign seats. We make every effort to work with the students to redirect behavior before submitting a discipline report to the school.

Q: Why can’t students eat/drink on the bus?

A: Due to allergies that other students may have, it is a health hazard for students to bring food/beverages on the bus. It also poses as a choking hazard if students eat on the bus. We encourage the students to eat at home before they get on the bus, or wait until they arrive to the school to eat. Foods that are made in class at school, or purchased from the cafeteria are still not allowed to be eaten on the bus.

Q: Can my child ride another bus or get on/off at different stop?

A: All requests to ride another bus or get off at a different stop need to be approved by the school. If approved by the school they will fill out and sign an official permission slip and give it to the driver. The driver is not allowed to let unauthorized riders board the bus without a permission slip from the school. A parent note will NOT be accepted.

Q: How do I get a bus stop changed?

A: Kottkes’ does not have the authority to change the bus stops. Any inquires about changing a bus stop should be directed to the school district. The Anoka Hennepin School District transportation number is 763-506-1125.

Q: I have a concern about something that is happening on the bus, what do I do?

A: Try to get as many details as you can before calling us. Bus number, who is involved, day and time, and where in the bus this happened. Call us at 763-755-3100 and push option 2 for the safety office. We will gather your information and investigate the situation.

Q: How do I recover lost and found items?

A: After every run drivers are required to check the bus for sleeping students, vandalism, and lost items. Valuables (i.e. electronics, musical instruments) are brought in to the office for pick up. Cell phones and tablets are not given back to the student. They must be picked up at the Kottkes’ dispatch office. Other items are generally held on the bus for one week.