Necessary Steps to Become a School Bus Driver

• Application form to be filled out.
• Interview
• Current driving record from DMV,required at interview
• Criminal Background Check

Fill out forms and sign. We will fax it for you. If you have not lived in Minnesota for the last 5 years you will need to be finger printed, at a local police station. The letter regarding the status of your background will be sent to your home.

• Video tapes

These films can be watched in our viewing room when your schedule permits. It is necessary to note films viewed on the appropriate film sheet and complete corresponding worksheets.

• Written permit tests – taken at the MN State Drivers Exam Station

General knowledge – CDL
School Bus – one time charge of $2.50

(No Airbrake test- we do not train or test for airbrakes & you will not be licensed to drive them.)

• Classroom training

This is scheduled upon completion of the film list. A session on defensive driving using the Smith method will be incorporated with the classroom immediately prior to going behind the wheel.

• Behind the Wheel

The actual bus driving training and testing will be scheduled after you have completed a license check out, films, written permit tests, have a commercial drivers license number and classroom training, You will be working on an individual basis with an instructor. The instructor will schedule your road test when they feel you have mastered the necessary competencies.

• Drug Test

An appointment will be scheduled for a pre-employment drug test. After the initial test you will be subject to random drug tests for as long as you are an employee.

• DOT Physical

  The DOT physical is required by law to operate a school bus along with a valid CDL. 

• Road Test

We have a third party examiner on staff conducting the test, using one of our buses. You must have your physical and pre-employment drug test completed and the letter with the results of your background check prior to being tested. Any new licensee who does not work as a driver for 3 months, will have their school bus endorsement cancelled by the State of Minnesota.

• Training incentive

You will be paid a training incentive.